Top Qualities in a Workplace Trainer That Make Them Great

Employee training is vital to success in the business world, but many people do not realise how important the trainer is in this. If you do not have a good trainer, your employees will not be getting the training that they need. This is why you need to know what the top qualities of a great trainer are so you can ensure that you hire the best one for your business.

A Command Of The Material

A great workplace trainer will know the material that they are going to be teaching. They should be able to infuse some of their own experiences into the training to make it more relatable to your employees. There is no point in hiring a trainer who has no knowledge of the material that they have to teach.

Of course, this does not mean that the trainer has to be the leading expert in the material. They do not have to know every facet of the material, but they do need to know where to go to get answers if they do not know something. They should also have enough understanding to answer most of the questions that your staff will have.

Preparation And Practice

A great workplace trainer will make the delivery of their class appear easy and seamless. You do not want your employees to be distracted by all of the behind the scenes workings that go into training. You also do not want a trainer who is always looking at their notes while giving a class because this will not inspire confidence and will lead to your employees not really paying attention.

Before you hire a trainer, you need to find out about the preparation they complete before they start training courses. The trainer should find out how the course they are teaching will impact your business and if they are helping you implement a new system, how this will affect your employees. There is no point in having a trainer who cannot show the benefits of something that they are teaching.


Readiness is vital when you want training to run smoothly. You do not want your employees to be booked for an hour-long training session only for them to have to wait 15 minutes while the trainer sets everything up. This will limit the amount of time they have to absorb the training materials or will cause the training to run over time which impacts other aspects of your business.

The trainer should also have all materials ready for the employees. If a trainer is disorganised, your employees will not take anything they say seriously. This can translate into poor training and them not having the knowledge that they need to complete their jobs.

There are a number of qualities that you need to look for in a workplace trainer. They need to have clear knowledge about the product they are teaching as well as being organised. They should also be able to clearly communicate with your employees to ensure that everyone understands the materials.