4 Ways To Improve Motivation in Your Team

The productivity of your business depends on how motivated your employees are at work. Unfortunately, according to psychologists, a salary increase can’t be considered a motivator. The reason is that humans are subject to a phenomenon known as hedonic adaption, which makes us get used to good things that come into our lives. Your employees will be happy to get the extra money, but shortly after, the new salary will become the norm, so it won’t stimulate them to work any better. Here are a few of the best ways to keep your employees motivated at work:

Constructive Feedback

Your best employees are eager to receive your feedback, in order for them to be able to calibrate their activity. When offering them this feedback, make sure to make it constructive. If you have something negative to say, try to balance it with something positive. Don’t seek for the guilty, but rather inspire your team to seek for solutions instead. Criticism is good, but only when it is constructive and meant to help people become better performers. When harm has been done, the best way to proceed is to learn the lesson and move forward. This approach will motivate your employees to learn from their mistakes and to avoid repeating them over and over again.


Good employees want their work to be acknowledged. They need to know they’ve done a great job. You can keep their motivation up by praising performance whenever you encounter it. At the same time, it’s good to give your best employees monetary rewards when they exceed your expectations. Nonetheless, money alone isn’t enough to motivate them keep up the good work. The right mix of bonuses and praise can do wonders for your team, so try to find the golden ratio between the two.

Personal Growth Opportunities

You can be the best business manager in the world, and still fail at motivating your employees, if you don’t offer them enough personal growth opportunities. Your employees are humans above everything else, and humans have this intrinsic need to perfect themselves. Send the best of them to professional and personal development courses, and make sure to help them improve their skills and acquire new ones.

Fringe Benefits

Regardless the size of their pay, your employees will feel more motivated if you offer them some fringe benefits to complement their salary. Strangely, people perceive a good medical insurance or a paid holiday as having a higher value than their monetary equivalent. By offering such perks, you’ll be perceived as a more generous employer.

These are the best ways to keep your employees motivated at work. In addition to all the above, honesty, fairplay, respect and an uplifting work environment will contribute to making everybody in your company love and appreciate you. You may not be able to please everybody, but you’ll surely manage to keep the team spirit and the motivation of your best people to the highest levels possible.

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